There is a decidedly cool Danish thread when Danish Lipid takes the stage! Through 29 strong years, Lipid has kept the heavy metal fan high both at home and abroad! And with 2 international critically acclaimed releases, main support for Paul Dianno and Testament and several concerts in e.g., Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark, there can be no doubt that the band has cemented their status in the metal world.

On “Hagridden” and “Deliver us from evil”, both of which have been released globally on English Copro records, you will find a strong back catalog such as Devolution magazine name their songs as Danish metal classics. Not even the legend Bruce Dickinson could resist playing “He Who Hates All” on his own radio program on the BBC.

With their solid CV in the back, the band has now released their new vinyl release, which has been previewed in the form of the singles “Imagination of The Fake”, ”Wreck of The Past” and the new video for “The perfect killing machine”. The CD version for “The perfect killing machine” will be released worldwide on the 23th. of November 2023 through “Great Dane records/Season of mist.

With classics such as “Dressed in Fear”, “God We Have Slain” and “Nice Day On The Road”, Lipid is always ready for entertaining headbangers

Links, music videos:

Band members:

Søren Pedersen: Guitar and vocals
Martin Pedersen: Drums
Anders Møller Pedersen: Lead Guitar
John Smedemark: Bass



Lipid, Demo 1999
God we have slain, Demo 2002
Hagridden, Demo 2003

Hagridden full length CD – Worldwide (Copro records)2003
Deliver us from evil CD – Worldwide (Copro records)2005
Fragments of eternity, digital demo 2019
The perfect killing machine, vinyl by band 2023
worldwide release on CD 23/11-2023 by Great Dane records/season of mist.


Contact info:

Søren Pedersen: +4560490825/ Martin Pedersen +4527105483